Missing Data on my collection

Hello, I have kobo toolbox installed on my own server and today I have lost information. The kobo dashboard shows me that I have a total of 424 submissions but I can only download 344. Could someone help me with this problem please. I use the android app to collect the data.

Hi @tony2020, unfortunately this can happen sometimes if MongoDB comes out of sync with Postgres. Can you please try this from within the kobocat container:

root@kobocat:/srv/src/kobocat# ./manage.py sync_mongo --remongo USERNAME ASSET_UID

Where USERNAME is your username (or project owner) and ASSET_UID is the uid of the project.

Or you can run this to cover all out-out-sync submissions:

root@kobocat:/srv/src/kobocat# ./manage.py sync_mongo --remongo

Once that is complete, download the data again and see if it checks out :+1:


Thank you very much for your help but Iā€™m new in this. Somebody else install this for me. Can you tell me how to get to kobocat container?

Hi @tony2020, you can either run docker ps and then docker exec -it <kobocat container ID> bash with the kobocat container ID listed when you run docker ps. Otherwise you can enter the kobo-install directory and run ./run.py -cf exec kobocat bash. Once you are in the container you can run the mongo_sync command.