Missing data/questions

I’m currently testing the suitability of my form for data collection but just noted that when I download the sent data using XLS, some questions are missing (especially th0se that require a ‘number’ response) under the ‘survey’ tab and there is no data displayed.
I have also tried to download data from a survey that I completed in the past and there is no data as well.
Please note that:
(a) my account is enlisted in the eu.kobotoolbox.org server/website.
(b) I only have the “Download XLS” and “Download XML” options. I have seen XLS Legacy and CSV download options in the past but as of now they are missing.
(c) Am Using Android for my Kobocollect app.
(d) My Username is ckarani
Kindly assist

@ckarani2, did your survey form have multiple re-deployments (adding or removing questions)?

Yes it had