Missing Draft Submissions from Enketo

Hi Kal_Lam,

I had spoken with you a couple months ago about missing submissions. Well it happened again. I am running a smallish survey in five different countries. Yesterday, a supervisor report that her submission were missing for three separate countries. Her team was using the web browser Enketo. I said that she had received a “successfully submitted” message and the survey was sent, however it is not in the server now. Is there a way to look at all the submission that have made or attempted?? Is there another way to track surveys??? Thank you for all your help

Padraic Finan

Hi @padraicfinan,

Could you kindly provide me with some additional information as a backup:

  • Which browser were the enumerators using to collect data with Enketo?
  • How do you confirm that the submissions are missing from your KoBoToolbox server?
  • Which server are you using (OCHA or the HHI)?

Have a great day!

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Hi Kal
Here is the information you requested (i think):

  1. https://ee.kobotoolbox.org/x/ZDFLfBSP
  2. I checked the kobowebsite, where I loaded the project and the data is stored and accessed. Specifically I download all the data from the server and check afterwards
  3. Not sure, can you explain how to check for this.
    Thanks for all the help

Hi @padraicfinan

Thanks for sending in the additional information that @Kal_Lam had requested.

I would like to go back to some of the issues you had raised.

  1. Were all the submissions from these countries missing or were they specific to different enumerators/data collectors?
  2. Were the submissions missing for specific days? Were there previous successful submissions (on the server)?
  3. Which countries and times were submission missing?
  4. Which browser e.g. chrome, explorer, was being used by the affected individuals? Was this different for the ones that were successful?

The only way to track surveys is the way you have been doing i.e. checking on the server to see if there are issues.

As it is you are on the HHI server. I would request you consider the following?

Kindly ensure that you absolutely confirm that this is a true account of data that was submitted and there is no user issue on the ground. As it is, we do not have a similar loss issue across the HHI server and thus I highly suspect this would be a user-specific issue.

Once we have these additional clarifications, I will be able to check in with our developers.


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