Missing form data

Some of my forms data are missing in the xls files. I see 92 submissions but in the map view I see 72 gps points. If I download the data to xls I get blank rows specific to one data collector. Help

@BrianMwenda, maybe you will need to download your data and see if you are able to see geopoints for all the submissions. I guess, some geopoint data is missing in your submissions.

@Kal_Lam I have downloaded the data and can’t find the missing geo points

@BrianMwenda, if this is the case, could you kindly zoom out your map to see if there are any outlier entries to the location being made?

No outliers whatsoever @Kal_Lam The submissions are more than the geopoints.

There is a specific data collector’s entries missing. Even after downloading the xls the data collector’s rows are blank. I can however see the data in the table view in kobotoolbox.