Missing KOBO data from extracted (and modified) excel form

Hi- I have a problem with missing data. I have recently tried to extract data from KOBO to excel. When i try to modify the extracted excel sheet (adding columns/ shifting data around), it seems that it only saves the last action/change made and all the rest gets deleted. It never happened to me before with KOBO and I really dont understand. Did anyone have a similar experience or know why this might be the case? We recently modified the KOBO form (the design) could it be related to that? Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community, @Nicoletta! This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Hi Again and thanks for the response. The settings are already in place to include data from all versions… but the issue keeps happening…


@Nicoletta, could you share a screenshot of the same, please? Maybe that would be helpful for us to understand your issue pictorially.

The issue happens on the extracted excel. When i extract the data from kobo into excel the data is fully visible but if i try to modify that excel file (for example, adding a column and copy pasting data from one column to the new one) the changes dont get saved. It seems the excel only saves the latest changes made and cancels all other previously made changes (as if it is overwriting the older changes made). I’m not sure if its a kobo settign issue or an excel issue… not sure how to share a screenshot on this…