Missing repeating groups information after name change

A form we had deployed with repeating groups was being used in the field when someone noticed the name of the form was incorrect. The name of the form was changed in the setting tab of the xls coded form and redeployed.

However, now all information that was previously collected in the repeating groups is now gone, is there anyway to get this information back and reattached .

Hi @MaddTitan,

If i got you correct did you do as follows:

  • First deployed a survey form.
  • Saw some inconsistencies. Up the form (only the name of the form in xlsform).
  • Redeployed the xlsform.
  • Continued collecting information with the updated survey form.
  • Saw that your repeat group information does not exist anymore.

Is this the process you followed? If yes, please confirm. If no, please feel fee so that we could replicate the process and see if the same affects our data.


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In addition to what @Kal_Lam has proposed please ensure you do the following

  1. Confirm that when you re-deployed, you were able to see the repeating group questions as part of the form.

  2. Always check the box that allows you to download data from all the previous deployed versions of the forms. as shown in the diagram below


  1. Considering that when you have repeating groups the data will appear in a separate sheet from the main data. This means that when you download data with a form which has repeating group, ensure that you choose XLS and not CSV. Normally CSV only picks data in the main sheet and you will not have repeating group.


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