Missing submission data

I sent about 200 forms but I can only see 132 forms in the server. In addition, I can not view sent forms in the kobocollect app from one of the tablets the RAs were using.

Welcome to the community, @chiso25! It seems like you submitted data through the Collect Android App. Could you also ensure that all the data you submitted is to the same user account? Kindly also please check the server and the project details where you submitted. This is because there are two public servers for KoboToolbox. Sometimes, a user might assume that he/she has submitted their data but would be submitting it to a different server. You must be sure you sent the submissions to that particular server (and more importantly to that particular survey project).

@chiso25, please also ensure to see if there are any traces of data under the Edit Saved Form and Send Finalized Form. Sometimes your submissions also get stuck there when the form is incomplete (I mean when a mandatory question has not been filled).

Hello Kal_Lam, thank you for reaching out. However, I couldn’t find any form for the project under the Edit Saved Form and Send Finalized after sending them all.

Is there a list of forms in the Sent folder?

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There is nothing for the project, just some old forms for a different project.

We are only using one server (non-humanitarian).

Can this device sent a filled form for test and then see if it is listed in the local Sent folder.
And then check if this submission is received in the server. (Afterwards, this submission an be deleted on server level).

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I tried sending other forms just for testing, but the server didn’t receive any submissions. I believe the issue is the Android app, it’s an old version. Is it possible to recover the missing forms even if the app in the device is an old version?

What happens, what message do you get, when you

Did you check - see Kal_lam:

Do you use an own server (or kf. KoboToolbox)?

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I use an kf.kobotoolbox server

Is the missing data a server issue?

@chiso25, I assume it’s a configuration issue. cc: @timsimp