Missing submissions - Sync problem?

Dear All,

We’re running a very extensive data collection and we’re currently at 46k submissions.
We’re noticing that we’re missing some data, as the Kobo users believe to have completed and uploaded the form, but it does not appear in the database.

We therefore have 3 questions for you:

  1. Have you seen performance issues as the databases grow? We must be in the range of 400 GB by this point and growing by 50-100 GB per week.
  2. Transmission problems can result in lost surveys? The connection is quite challenging in some areas. In that case the form should still appear in the tablet though, correct?
  3. Is there a size cap on an individual record (survey)?

We are using OCHA server, thus space should be unlimited.
Many thanks.

Welcome to the community, @gjs.miya! Could you share with me the following through the private message?

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server (OCHA as you have mentioned above)

Could you also let us know if your project has any media files in it?

Many thanks for the rapid response Kal_Lam!
Let me check with my team that we can do it, in case there are privacy or rights issues.

Thanks again,

Giulia Jole Sechi, P. E.

Project Engineer

Miyamoto International, Inc.

Earthquake + Structural Engineers

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Continuing the discussion from Missing submissions - Sync problem?:

Dear Kal_Lam, my apologies if this is not a private message!
We have another question and please start a private conversation if I failed to do so…

The companies involved in the project are concerned with the privacy issues. Therefore, may we ask you if you are part of Kobo or are volunteering? Are there any sort of procedures when someone share with you the data?

This is for the database owner to decide if they feel comfortable in continuing.

Many thanks for your help, efficiency and very fast responses,