Missing submissions


I have a delicate problem with a survey that is currently running. The submissions are not registrating.
For my thesis, I’m doing a survey with three other students. We started of with a pilot survey, which went very well. No problems there.
However, since we started the real survey, some admissions have not been registered. Even today, my colleague told me she knew of three people that filled in the survey, but I have not received the submissions.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance!

With Kind Regards.

Welcome to the community, @adriagee! Could you let us know the mode of data collection (i.e. Enketo or Collect android app) used your team?

Thanks for the welcoming!
I’m not using the android app so I suppose we’re talking about the Enketo mode.

OK, if you are using Enketo, maybe this support article Collecting Data through Web Forms should help you understand more on how to collect data through web browser.

Note: Users should ensure that the data is submitted to the server after pressing the Submit button by having a closer look at the Queued Records Counter (if the user is using the multiple submission mode) or thorough a thank you note if the user is using the single submission mode. Besides, uses should also never clear the cache of the browser until s/he is sure that the data has been synced with the server. If accidentally cleared, all the data stored in the browser gets cleared (which becomes irreversible).