Missmatch between kobo data and exported excel

Hello Dear, My name is emmanuel.
I am using kobo data, but i just realized that the data in exported/downloaded excel sheet are not the same data that are on the kobo dashboard.

help me to find out why?

Hi @Emma,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind providing a screen shot on the miss-match that you see within KoBo dashboard and the excel sheet (downloaded xls dataset).

HI Kal_Lam

I have this same issue and I did not find any forum with a response.

I have some data of the members of the household (in child sheet) that is on the Kobo platform but when I download the Excel file, is lost. Do you have any idea what can be happening?

@palarcon, could you also share with the community a screenshot of the same so that we could understand your issue pictorially?

Sure @Kal_Lam thanks!

Please take a look, This 757 is the index of a household. When I look for it in the child sheet it looks as if there is no members of this family (child cases for this survey). But, when I look for this household from Kobo, there are actually 6 child cases for this parent: (here an example).

So, what is happening is that I can not know in Excel who are the members of this family. I have 83 cases with the same situation, and all of them were edited from Kobo, after the form was submitted, I do not know if maybe it generates damage to data.

Thanks a lot for your support!

@palarcon, is this a case from a repeat group?

Yes it is!

@palarcon, you could download your data as XLS (legacy) format. That should not have the issue. Besides, please also be informed that we have a release comming soon that should solve this issue:

@Emma, @palarcon, we have a release that fixed this issue. To learn more about the release, please feel free to go through the announcement:

@Kal_Lam Grateful with you and the team!

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