Modify and batch-delete several data set at the same time

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While dealing with several projects we were thinking about an interesting feature: being able to modify a group of data sets simultaneously. We think it should be a bigger feature to add, however the ability to batch-edit would be very useful. For example if something leads to a systematic mistake, were you need to convert all answers “a” to “b” for a given form. This would now need to be done on a record by record basis or after exporting the data, which is a shame.
We are using KOBO Humanitarian response.
Similarly, it could be very useful to being able to batch-delete records. Maybe with a simple new button where you select several data set.

You have a question “What is the name of the district?” and a lot of submissions put “Bruxeles” instead of “Bruxelles”.

This is really a big issue with forms which have a lot of submissions. Imagine if you are dealing with this one:

We know it can have users erros but it’s his responsability.

This feature will avoid to waste a lot of time and keep easier data processing.
Moreover, if you need to work with an application programming interface, it will simple the work.

Thanks to note this point,