Modify font color and family


I want to modify the color and family to a cascade select question but it returns error:


Can’t say if you could or should modify through the XLSForm.

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Could you explain more on this? Maybe we should be able to understand and help if it’s possible. Also, please share a screenshot of the same (so that we could understand your issue pictorially).


If you try to modify the color of the text in a cascade select from the first option y gives you an error message:

If you modify only the dependent question you do not get the same error:

Could you do this from the xlsform?


@pkhn, maybe these post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

In addition, this post should also be helpful:

And this should also be helpful:

No luck. I followed the steps in your links and it didn’t work.


OK, could you give a clear picture of what you wish to change the colour of. Could you also share a screenshot of what is not working (and provide a picture of what you wish to see instead) so that we should be able to understand your issue pictorially.

When you import the xlsform I still get the formatting text inside the option:

Additionally, when you modify the label of the question when you export the file the column names include the formatting text:

This is the xlsform form:


OK, you could follow the markdown as outlined in this page.

I did. Thanks.

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Try it yourself:

aG5ykNNmbdvvvgHZ2P4BpB.xlsx (9.9 KB)

Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Hi @pkhn, this looks like potentially an Enketo bug. The styling works as expected in the Collect Android app :ok_hand:

EDIT: This has been intentionally done from the Enketo side, as explained here:

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Thanks. This explains why the question options do not show styling.