Modify options/available answers to a question after form is deployed


I have deployed a job/role application form which is currently receiving submissions. However, I would like to add an additional option (from which applicants can choose as an answer) to one of the questions. Is this possible without interfering with the process (e.g., could this affect anyone using the form at the exact time the changes are being made?).

Thank you in advance.

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Hello @cokoro,
this is possible and should not pose any problems as long as this is just an add-on of a new choice name with label. But check if there are any related places in coding, like relevant, constraint etc., which might need adaption to reflect the new choice option.

Of course, you may have a disadvantage for later analysis as not all respondents had the same offer of choices.

In general, it is best to avoid form changes during data collection, by systematic testing and a pre-test.

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