Modify the Appearance (Advanced) option for the Acknowledge field to have a pop up message?

Hi there,
is it possible to change the appearance of the Acknowledge field so it’s sort of a pop up message and not shown directly in the form? I use KoboCollect and a layout where all fields are shown on a single page. The acknowledge field is set to mandatory.
I noticed that for the Acknowledge field under settings there is the Appearance (advanced) field but I don’t know what options could be used here for this field (under this link the question type is not mentioned).

@Frieda, could you share a screenshot/sketch of what you intend with this acknowledge feature? The community should then be able to help you if possible.

Hi @Kal_Lam, thanks,
Ideally I would like to have it similar like the messages popping out when constraints are put in place. Here is an example from one of my forms, blurring out the rest. I would like to emphasize the acknowledge field a bit more as it is intended for the user to really confirm what they entered (I can’t put a constraint in those fields). I would like to keep the single page layout as I don’t have so many fields in total,
Thanks for taking the time!