Modifying an encrypted form

I have been collecting data with an encrypted form, using the approach explained at I now want to make some changes in the form and I see from that post that this may not be possible to do in the usual way. Would the best approach here be to simply create a new project for the modified form and change the link that I am giving to potential respondents? Is there any guidance for best practices when editing encrypted forms?


Hi @johnrbpalmer,

Regarding the Survey Questionnaire (Form):

  • You are still able to edit your survey form (questionnaire) and then redeploy them despite the fact that they have been encrypted.

Regarding the Filled-up Data Form:

  • A filled-up form is not allowed to edit once you have clicked Save Form and Exit when Mark form as finalized is checked.
  • However, if you have clicked Save Form and Exit when Mark form as finalized is unchecked you are able to edit the filled-up form.
  • A filled-up forms is distinctly different from those that are editable and non-editable.
  • If you try to edit a form that is non-editable you get an error message as follows:

Regarding Data Visualization:

  • The custom report (DATA>Reports) shows nothing (despite the fact that you have data for your survey project that is encrypted).
  • Nothing except the metadata is shown from DATA>Table. Same applies to the Gallery as well.
  • You are able to download data but when you try to open your dataset you should see nothing except the metadata.

Have a great day!