Monitor all data from multiple users with different accounts

is it possible to be able to configure the kobo account so that:
User “A” only has access to data from region “A”
User “B” only has access to data from region B
The user “C” who is the project manager has access to all the data from regions “A” and “B” and can thus ensure the monitoring, the quality control of the data as well as the processing of the information collected in all of the regions “A” and “B”. If so, how do you proceed?

Hi @esy_cari2020,

You could do this with the Row-Level Permissions feature that is available in KoBoToolbox.

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Hellon @esy_cari2020 ,
just to add to @Kal_Lam. I think, this can only be implemented with different KoBo user accounts. As far as I know, you canNOT define it dynamically based on a value of the data.
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