More than 8 characters in the question type number in kobocollect

Hello dear,

In the Kobocollect application does not allow me to place more than 8 characters in a question of type number, enketo (on the web) if I allow this option, do you know why?

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Welcome @valeriatorm29
You can find the limits in the Help Center article: Number, Decimal and Range Question Types — KoboToolbox documentation.

In addition, the search function of this forum can show related discussions and examples, e.g. Search results for 'limit number integer 9 digits' - KoboToolbox Community Forum.

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Side note: Do you already know the online validator which is recommended for checking your form during development and before deployment?

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@valeriatorm29, you could set the question type to text, and under the appearance, you could place numbers. This should solve your issue.

This post discussed previously should help you understand it with a workaround:

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