Most posts indicate you cannot delete draft forms that are queued

@Kal_Lam , I also have a number of draft files (and saved files) from when I was testing forms and submissions using Kobo Collect. Most posts indicate you cannot delete draft forms that are queued, but then I found the following (Managing Forms in Collect - ODK Docs) which indicates that you can delete draft and saved files. This original post by @mahmed seems older than the the website, so I’m not sure if it is now possible to delete draft/saved forms or not? I certainly do not want to delete any projects! Also, what do the different icons (cloud with tick; page with tick; page with lines) mean when you go to the “Delete form” tab in Kobo Collect:

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@taniak, kindly please be informed that as a KoboToolbox user, you can collect data for KoboToolbox using two different approaches. The first one is using the KoboCollect Android App, and the second one is using the web form aka Enketo.

i. Data Collection on KoboCollect App (Latest Version)
ii. Collecting Data through Web Forms

If you are collecting data through the webform aka Enketo, then please be informed that a queued submission that has been finalized for submissions cannot be deleted from the browser. This is the submission queue as seen in the browser:

But if you are collecting data through the Collect Android App you should be able to delete the draft submission as you have outlined in your screenshot:


I hope I was able to differentiate the difference between the two.

@Kal_Lam , thank you for this.

I am OK with the web forms (Enketo) system, mostly because you are not left with queues of records/forms to be submitted - they are automatically uploaded. And I can delete any unwanted entries from my PC browser (e.g., if these submitted records are just to test the system out) .

I was wondering about the Kobo Collect app system, where submissions are saved as drafts, or have been finalised and are then stored in the “ready to send” folder. I have lots of these that I never submitted, because I was just testing and then documenting for others how to fill out the forms. My problem is that in the screen grab I attached, I don’t know what the different icons mean, so what is “safe” to delete. Am I correct that:

  • rectangle with tick mark (1st icon in my screen grab) = a finalised but unsubmitted form

  • rectangle with lines (2nd icon in my screen grab) = a draft form that has not yet been finalised for submission, and

  • the cloud with the tick mark (3rd from the bottom) is a finalised and submitted form? In which case, can I actually delete this, as it has already been submitted? Or does deleting it simply remove it from my Android, leaving the information on the server?


I think, the queued submissions will be deleted if the browser cache is deleted. @Kal_Lam?

@wroos , I have just tried deleting the cache from the Kobo Collect app on my android, but all the draft forms still appear to be there. I don’t want to delete app storage, as it says all data, including all files and settings will be permanently deleted from this device. It was worth a shot…

If you can tell me what the different icons represent in my screenshot & if my deductions in the previous post are correct, then perhaps I can manually delete the draft and finalised submissions I no longer need/want.