Moving ranking questions from Library to Project

I’ve created a template with several ranking questions. When I try to move it to a project, I get the following error message:

"Row could not be displayed:

type = “begin_rank” Label = “Activites principale exercee precedemement” required = “false” $autoname=“Activit_s_principal_exerc_e_pr_c_demment” $kuid=“sy7in06” kobo–rank-items="Items cannot be selected more than once

Any suggestions?

Could you please detail the exact steps you had used to create t he ranking questions?


Yes, I added a new question in my template. I selected the ranking option. I put in the question and changed the title of the “options” to “activités”. I then added the different answer categories.

Thanks for thinking along!

Could you share the link to the form privately?

Hi, I just had this same problem with a Raking question. Did you guys find how to fix this?

Hi @axel_r73
We are currently working on modifications that would result in a change in how we handle library questions. As it is, some of the issues have not been fully resolved and this could be potentially one of them,


Hi @axel_r73, @fmolenaar,

Thank you for bringing this to the community and making follow ups. Kindly please be informed that i have created a GitHub issue for the same and it can be followed here:

Have a great day!

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Thanks for the responds. I find a way to deal with this using XLS and importing it to the library. The functionality of the ranking in a group of items is still there and it displays itself just like it was created on a template it is just the appearance inside of it it’s different like individual items but grouped.

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