Multiple cascade select

I am creating a form with multiple cascade select. However if I do the mutlipe select it does not give the ptions to select the other categories…example
I want to select multiple activities, then multiple sub activities based on the activities then mutliple categories based on sub activities…please advise. thanks

Hi @balozi and welcome to the community!

Can you share a screenshot of the structure of your cascade question so community take a look at it?

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Category is dependent on sub activity while sub activity is dependent on activity. so i want to be able to select multiple activities, select multiple sub activities and select multiple categories at the same time. as it is, if i manage to select multiples on one level (activity), sub activities are not visible for selection.

@balozi, maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thanks, i have tried but am now getting this error below

Can I share my xls form with you?

@balozi, I advise you to validate your XLSForm through this online validator. This online validator should help you troubleshoot your issue and identify the syntax issues in your XLSForm.

However, I cannot do the multi layer for multi cascade selection