Multiple choice question with multiple choices

Hi Guys,
I have a question regarding ‘select-multiple’ type of questions:
After each of the multiple choice I have another sub-choices to further specify the primary choice. Do you know how to make them appear ‘in between’ the main choices (sort of cascade maybe?) and not at the bottom of the main question. Here is the eXample:
Do you suffer from any of the following diseases:
a. obesity
b. cardiovascular diseases
c. psorais
and if a and b is selected I would like the question looks as follow:
Please specify further:

  • xxx
  • zzz
    b. cardiovascular diseases
  • hypertension
  • angio sth

  • c. Psorais
    Please specify treatment
  • biological treatment
    -systemic treatment
  • etc.

Hope it gave you an overwiew of what i would like to get.

Best wishes,

But it seems like choices b and c are too displayed.

I guess the question here is if this is possible to make additional level of answers in one question (multiple selection) which would appear when higher level question is selected and would be placed just behind higher level answer. Like:
What kind of ice-cream do you like:
(higher level answer) 1. chocolate
(lower level answer- hidden if 1 not selected) (a) with cream
(lower level answer- hidden if 1 not selected) (b) but only with lemon
(higher level answer) 2 banana
(higher level answer) 3 strawberry
(lower level answer- hidden if 2 not selected)) (a) I really like it
(lower level answer- hidden if 2 not selected)) (b) but only sometimes

Can you please help and suggest how to make it in one question? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community, @Malgorzata! I think this should be possible, but I am still not clear about the choices displayed in the next question. Could you make a dummy question, make some dummy choices and describe what should be displayed in Q2 when some choices are selected in Q1?

Hi @Kal_Lam thank you! So the problem here is that some answers has to have additional “subanswers” which has to appear when they are selected. Let me describe it a little bit:

This is how it looks initially (multiple selection):
What kind of plants do you like (you can chose all of them):
a) Mosses (if sb select it, then additional classes will appear)
class Takakiopsida
class Sphagnopsida
class Andreaeopsida
class Andreaeobryopsida
b ) Ferns
c)Gymnosperms (if sb select it, then additional classes will appear)
d) Angiosperms (if sb select it, then additional classes will appear)

I have tried creating this for you… its very minimal & basic. You may like to check it out

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@directormdc, would you mind sharing the XLSForm with the community? That should be helpful for @Malgorzata!

@Malgorzata, this should be doable. Let’s see how @directormdc has drafted first.

aJHWoa6PYkRaNARj9CqdEe.xlsx (6.9 KB)

As a novice I simply used the skip logic and conditions to trigger the sub questions. Not very conversant with XLSFrom.

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Thank you @directormdc! The problem is now that still subquestions do not apear between main questions but at the end of them (eg, when I click mosses the additional class should show up before ferns). Do you know if this is possible to change the location?

@Malgorzata, I assume the best and easiest option would be the one advised by @directormdc! However, let’s see if the any of the community should have any other options that should be very close to what you wish.

Displaying the options as needed in the second question should be possible but displaying the options in the very first question should be too tricky.