Multiple choices with others specify to --> select one question


I have a select_multiple question and have a last choice as: Other_ specify
when user select the choice “Other_specify”, the next text question come up for them to type in response.
Then, I want the next question (select_one) to list all selected choices and a text in a response
I cant find the article anymore,

Hope you can help with this,

Hello @Okard,
you may always give the search function of this forum a trial, e.g.

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Thank for sharing, I did have a look but can only see about choice filtering from previous multiple select question. I couldn’t find the article about how we can include the answer from the (text) question to make it one of the choices . I did this before, and it works, but for some reason the form started showing error message.

Hope you dont mind having a look,
M6_with choice.xlsx (20.3 KB)

Hello @Okard,
as far as I could see, your code is correct. There is a know bug reported 02/2021:

Maybe @Kal_Lam can tell more about the status of the issue (e.g. GitHub?).

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Thank you for having a look @wroos

And the tag report just unlock my question :slight_smile:

That is why we always have problem editing the submission with this questions in Enketo. I thought it was because of the language I use, but seems like it beyond the user control.


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Editing should still be possible, but you will only see the ${…} reference as choice (label).

I do not remember well, if the textual replacement was activated when you move forward and then back to the question. You may try?

You surely know that it is the same in export (not a bug), as with all ${…} references in any label.

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Hi @wroos ,

I did try out the form the web form but it doesn’t properly function at all…

but it work well in Kobo Collect app

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