Multiple collaborators on data entry

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This is my first post, so I should start by saying thank a massive thank you to the KoBo team for putting this out there and making this wonderful tool available to the world!

I’ve been using KoBo for a few years now, mostly for humanitarian assessments and evaluations of NGO projects. These have always required a single enumerator filling in multiple submissions of one or more KoBo forms.

A new challenge I’m faced with is building a reporting system for an organisations’ partners. For this, I’ve built a KoBo tool, deployed in Enketo, which is about 90% fit-for-purpose. One feature I am searching for though, is whether it’s possible to have MULTIPLE COLLABORATORS on a single submission, using Enketo. I know Enketo has the option to save a draft connected to your IP address, and to return to it later on the same device before uploading. But is it possible for Person A to fill in a form on one device, and then share it with Person B for review/editing on a difference device, before the submission is uploaded? The question comes about as we often have multiple people working on a single report.

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Welcome to the community, @tristihane! Don’t think if this is possible as when you collect your data through Enketo the information collected in your device is stored in the browser of that particular device. Unless and until you don’t submit the data to the server the information stored in that device (say that particular browser) is not able to be accessed by other device). Hence, you will need to submit the data to the server so that your team should be able to view the content of what is being entered.

Maybe as a workaround you could manage sharing permissions so that when you share a project your team/colleague should be able to view the submission and then make edits if and where possible. But please be informed that this is a work in progress feature and will be live very soon. Will let you know if this is something what you are looking for.

Thanks for the prompt reponse, @Kal_Lam - I thought as much! Not the end of the world, and it’s already a pretty neat feature that Enketo saves your info on a single device as it is.

If anyone has any other smart workarounds for the problem of multiple collaborators to a single submission, I’d be happy to hear them!


Hi @tristihane
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Unfortunately, there is no workaround that would address your operational approach as you have described it.

However as Kal has hinted, we are working on an application that may be able to allow that relational capability.

In the meantime, consider structuring your data collection into multiple forms representing the different collaborators that should fill each form. You can then use unique IDs to match the data off the platform.


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