Multiple filters for filtering submissions with url encoded queries using API

I am using the API to filter and view the submissions to a form.
My URL is in the form: KoBoToolbox Form Building API<form_id>/data/format=json&query={“day_1”:“2022-01-01”}&query={"_submitted_by":“andrea_ageon”}

But this URL only filters the last query inserted (in this case it will show all the submissions done by user andrea_ageon).

How do I write the query so that it filters subs including only the ones sent by andrea_ageon and with day_1 = 01/01/2022.

Thank you!

@andrea_ageon, if you have missed this post (it should be helpful):

Thank you, that helped! For me the solution was:

KoBoToolbox Form Building API<form_id>/data/?format=json&query={"$and": [{"_submitted_by":“andrea_ageon”},{“day_1”:“2022-01-01”}]}


@andrea_ageon, :clap: :heart: