Multiple language appearance

I have designed a form in two languages: English and Tetum.
I am facing two issues at the moment:

  1. Choices’ appearance in Tetum: the choices in Tetum appear with hyphens between the multiple options. This is not the case with the English version. I have attached a screenshot for your reference.
  2. The language dropdown menu shows Tetum twice, and English once. Ideally it should show each language only once. I have attached a screenshot for your reference.

Please could you suggest something?

Multiple language dropdown menu

Hello @yashukalera,
Could you provide the related part of your XLSForm, please. And perhaps the colum title lines from the survey, choices and settings sheet.

Their might be

  • a different spelling of ::language (or language code)
  • missing hint (or guidance_hint) translations.
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Please see the screenshots for the choices and the survey tabs respectively.

@wroos please see the related files in the previous reply. thanks!

Hello @yashukalera,
You have two different writings :Tetum (tet) and Tetum(tet) in the hint column. Adapt it to the first one, please. This should also solve the hyphen issue.

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Thanks @wroos! This solved the issue.

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