Multiple Languages and ERROR "text is not localizable for default locale [English (en)]!"


I have been running a form with multiple languages which has been running fine, I made one or two small changes and now I am getting the error ‘text is not localizable for default locale [English (en)]!’

I have worked out that if set the label in the choices worksheet (in xlsform) to (1 :slight_smile:

label: English (en)

it will validate using the online tool, if i have it as (2::slight_smile:

label:: English (en)

which is correct it gives me an error.

Can any one assist with why it is doing this now?

@Rusti, could you also share a screenshot of your issue?The screenshot should be helpful for the community to understand your issue pictorially.

Hi Kal, thanks attached an image from the online validator.

I see my previous post came out with emojis and not :

if I change from 2 to 1 : in the choices sheet for languages it works for some reason

@Rusti, maybe you could share your XLSForm with the community. The community should help you identify the syntax issues from your XLSForm.

Hi Kal,

Thanks for the response, I have attached a scaled down form which still has the issue, If I remove the second : in the choices sheet it passes the online validation.

I cannot find where the syntax issue is. The form reads in two csv files but these do not go through the online validation.

LanguageIssue2.xlsx (17.1 KB)

After some further testing I see that the issue is as a result of the lookups from csv files and multiple language. if i remove the sections with the csv lookup the multi-language gives not problems.

this is what i am using to lookup in the csv.

search(‘Interviewers’, ‘search’,‘name’, ${LookupInterviewer}, ‘filter’,${Landscape_ID})

Is there something additional i need to do for multiple languages?

The problem was linked to the multi-language setup and how I was using csv’s with a search function. I have moved the data from the csv file to the Choices sheet and this error has been resolved.