Multiple level of cascade select in a repeat group


I am working on a household survey for food consumption.
We would like to ask:

  • How many meals did you have yesterday?
    Then have a repeat group with a fixed number of repeats (the number of meals):
    And another repeat group inside, not fixed number, to add as many food item as wanted and ask a group of questions:
    - What food category? (select from list: meat, vegetable…)
    - What sub-category? (select from list: mammal, bird…)
    - What group? (select from list: ongulate, primate…)
    - What specie? (select again from list)

These latest 4 questions are all in cascade select, so 3 levels of cascade.

Building the form like this with 2 repeat groups and the multiple cascade selection does not work. I have an error message when trying to deploy : “500 servor error”

Then I tried to get rid of the 1st repeat group, to ask:

  • What meal did you had yesterday? (select multiple: breakfast, lunch, dinner…)
    And then a group of questions for each meal, with just one repeat group for the food items.

I had a message saying that a “cascading choices can only reference one choice list”, so I split up all the choices filter in multiple columns.
It is still not working : if I select more than one meal, all the questions to select the food item do not appear.

Any advice?
The last versConsumption tool_190325.xlsx (110.9 KB)
ion of the form is attached.




Hi Diane,

Type=username is invalid, use text, integer, select_one etc.



You’re right, thank you!
Unfortunately, it is still not working after changing that…

Just saw your excel file, seems you have problem with your cascading options.

Actually yes, the first version of the form with the 2 repeat groups and the cascade select in the 2nd one is now working!! I attach it in case of interest.

Thank you so much bernieseville!!

Consumption tool_190319.xlsx (42.5 KB)

Diane, I downloaded your excel files (and tested) and still, i see a lot errors you need to correct.

Could you tell me where?

What about this form?
Consumption tool_190326.xlsx (44.1 KB)

Diane, this is just sample error in your excel file, in the item Group or specie, there were no items for “Frog sp.”

okay, thank you!



Diane, you have’nt change anything yet-same problem occured.

Hi @dianedetoeuf

You can always upload your xlsforms here to check for errors:

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Very useful resource, thanks Mike!

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Happy to help!

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