Multiple parent answers for one child answer (cascading select)

Here is my concern.
Example: I would like to divide the group of participants according to certain characteristics (1-single and in school, 2-single and out of school, 3-married or in union) (Question 1). I would then like to collect the data on marital status (1-single, 2-married, 3-in union) (Question 2).
To do this, I would like to perform a cascading select so that only the single mode is displayed in question 2 for those who checked 1 or 2 in question 1.
How to proceed with the xls form? Does anyone have a similar experience with a modality of the child question corresponding to several modalities of the parent question?

Welcome to the community, @Sun! Maybe you could do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

This post should also be helpful:

@Kal_Lam Great answer!
I tried with the first option and the reverse cascading worked very well!
Thanks a lot.

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