Multiple select question ticking all question automatically when move forward and move back with screenshot

I have a multiple select question which I have tick 1 and move forward when I move back and now the system automatically tick all the question, kindly help to solve this issues. Thank you.

Could you share the related part of your XLSForm, please?
Do you use Collect or Enketo (WebForm)?

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Harmonized Protection Monitoring Tool Household Assessment (HHA).xlsx (107.2 KB)

I have share the form above and I use Kobo Collect application

You have a lot of syntax problems in your choices items, including dublicates in names.
It is recommended to always (and early) check your form during devolopment with the online validator.

For the syntax rules see

To facilitate the support from the forum, always use the online validatator before posting, please.


@baana2005, it seems like it’s a constraint issue from your XLSForm.

Could you let the community know what you intend to do with the constraint? If you have no specific objective for the constraint try removing it and your issue should also disappear.

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Noted and thanks

I use the contains when I have a question for none of the HH members is vulnerable though I later remove it and forgot to remove the constrain, now that you pointed out for me I will just delete the constrain, Thank you.

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Would you mind to check your form with the online validator, please? It gives at least the following error: “There are two sections with the name referral_repeat”.

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I have corrected the errors using the online validation site, and also I have delete the constrain used under the highlighted yellow area but still when I move forward and move back is ticking me all the options
Harmonized Protection Monitoring Tool Household Assessment (HHA).xlsx (107.5 KB)

@baana2005, I see some name under your choices tab that is not supported by the system. FYR:

  • The system does not support spaces in the name.
  • Does not support wildcard in the name.

Thank you for highlighting this errors, I will appreciate if you can suggest some wording for it and also my previous issue for automatically ticking all options after moving forward and moving back. Thank you

@baana2005, you could use a unique number for this.

If you identify all these issues, one by one, you will be able to resolve that too.