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In reference to my last topic, I am still working on building the baseline assessment form, and I have one more question; where if it is possible to have a constraint to make a multiple selection question type as a ranking. More clarification in this regard you can find it in the attached excel sheet.
Multiple Selection - Ranking.xlsx (13.2 KB)


Did you have a look at the Help Center article already? See Rating vs Ranking Question Types — KoboToolbox documentation.
See also the XLSForm documentation XLSForm Docs.

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@TareqTK, is this something you are tying to achieve that has been discussed previously?

@Kal_Lam this is my first time addressing this issue apparently, this one has been addressed before.

I used your instructions as you mentioned above and what has been provided by Mr. @wroos (Many thanks).

Many thanks for your continuous support and leadership!

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@TareqTK, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: