Multiple skip logics in matrix question

Hello! I am wondering if we could add in a matrix question multiple skip logics, not only a single skip logic. The article below and several other questions here in the community only talk about the yes/no skip logic.
Adding Skip Logic to a Matrix Question — KoboToolbox documentation

More concretely, the choices are : men, women, no data, not applicable, and I would like to add skip logics when respondents choose either no data or not applicable.

I tried something like this in the relevant column, but it did not work:
${Q1_row_C1}=‘no_data’ or ${Q1_row_C1}=‘na’

Your insights would be appreciated!

Alternatively, could I set a default value (i.e., zero, 0) if a respondent chooses “no data” or “not applicable” in a matrix question? If they choose “men” or “women,” they have to input the exact numbers of men or women instead.

Thank you again!

Welcome to the community, @non-chan! Could you share a sample of your XLSForm with the community so that the community can also help you?

Please note that you need not share the exact XLSForm you are using. You could share a dummy question with the choices you have to see how they can be coded to skip logic.

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Thank you very much @Kal_Lam for your feedback!
Here is the extract of my XLSForm. I also wanted to add a note question type for the layout.

Thanks very much again!

KOBO question.xlsx (12.1 KB)

Please let me know if the attached XLSForm was good to be reviewed!
As a new member to the community, I appreciate your advice @Kal_Lam