Multiple versions management

Hello Dears ,

We have a form with 7 different versions , we used to upload them using the old interface (Legacy) , so for now we have 7 different forms one for each version , but they are not appearing in the new interface.

Unfortunately we do not have the old XLSform but we need them so, I tried to export them using the legacy export form as XLS but the exports are the same xls form for all versions ,but when we are press on preview for each one the differences appear in the preview.

Now I have two questions :
Is there a way to get the xls forms for each version?
Can we make all the versions appear in the new interface ?
Thanks in advance,

Hi @Doaasalahat,

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Hello @Kal_Lam ,

I am not able to send you a personal messages , I am in the level 0 / New User.
I can Send you an Email if this could help.


Hi @Doaasalahat,

I have just sent you a private message!

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