My field agent is unable to submit questionnaire (Sending failed error)

Good morning,

A field agent collecting data for me is unable to submit her survey to the server. Out of 60 filled surveys, only 7 was successful. the remaining 53 did not submit. The prompt on each questionnaire is (Sending failed error)

Can someone help out?

Welcome to the community, @kehindefash! Maybe you will need to check out the following:

  • … settings on how the app is configured. You should be able to learn more about the same here.
  • … check out to see if the project that you are trying to submit is archived in the server. If archived, then unarchive it.
  • … check to see if the project that you are trying to submit is still present on the server. It should be the exact project that you deployed and downloaded to the app. Please note that it’s impossible to upload a cloned project to a real project.

Thanks @Kal_Lam All of the three options was adhered to. Other agents successfully submitted their filled questionnaires except this particular one. Is there a way you can help solve or retrieve from your backend? Thanks

@kehindefash, maybe check to see if the team having issues has used the proper configuration (where the username and passwords are correct)? Please also ensure they are using the correct project. Sometimes, they might be using the wrong project which should not be there on the server.