My form is too slow due to a very large pull data file

i have a form
aYjmVhvwNLCLBkFodTfJbr.xlsx (17.0 KB)
I use a id number (10 gits) to pull data from other file.

The thing is that my pull data file (.csv) is to heavey (74.0 MB) (1.767.592 million rows and 2 columns) my forms works but its to slow

How can i fix it?

(post deleted by author)

Hello @jorgelihber,
Sorry. This seems to be personal data, with IDs and Full Names…
Better avoid to share those data in this forum (and elsewhere to the public). Would you mind to remove the link to the drive?
Keep to the forum data protection rules, please:


Thanks for the report; I’ve hidden the post with the sensitive link.