My projet has been successfully deployed but i'm unable to download it on my smartphone


I have deployed my project and showed me successfully deployed but i’m unable to download thé form on my smartphone. What may be the problem. Please Help me with this.

Hi @nikuber and welcome to the KoBo community!

Have you followed the instructions on the support site already? Data Collection on KoboCollect App (Latest Version) — KoboToolbox documentation tells you how to set up your android app to be connected to your account so you can download the forms.

If you have been through that and still can’t download the form then please comment back here with more details - what stage did you get to, and what error message did you see? (or if no error message then what part of the process did you get to before getting stuck?)

All the best with your data collection!


@Kal_Lam FYI I logged a ticket article updated needed re android app data collection - HHI/OCHA server still referenced (with old URLs) · Issue #364 · kobotoolbox/docs · GitHub to get the above article updated with latest URLs/naming - thanks!

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