Name form submissions based on response


When submitting a completed form through KoboCollect, is there any way to have one of the form responses appear as the default ‘Name this form’ text when submitting, or will it always be the name of the form itself?

e.g. “Joe Bloggs” entered as response to ‘Name:’ on a form called “Questions” - ‘Go To End’ is selected, the default under ‘Name this form’ would be “Questions” - any way to link it to the name field so it would default to “Joe Bloggs” instead (or whatever other name was entered as a response in the ‘Name’ field)?

I hope that makes sense…

Thanks in advance!

Hi @tgmeo
Welcome to the community. To answer your question, kindly have a look at discussions that have happened here.


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Hi @stephanealoo,

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! Much appreciated.

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