Name of Respondents as Their Image Names

Hello there.

Please is there a way to have respondent’s names as names of their images (pictures taken in survey) rather than numbers?

When I check the media, i see numbers only.

We have potentially tens of thousands of respondents a need to identify their pictures.


@zayidhs, this feature is not possible at the moment, but we could think of a feature if you should be interested in funding. Let us know if you are interested in it.

Oh, sad to hear that.

Lol, @Kal_Lam I don’t think I can even fathom funding such a project.

But since this is to my thinking a highly-needed feature, you may enquire on the forum and we may all donate towards this.

Also, do you know if odk supports this feature?


@zayidhs, sure. I am leaving this feature request open to the community to see if any individual or organization is interested in sponsoring the same.