Navigation in KoBoCollect mobile app when your phone/tablet has invisible navigation buttons

I am setting up new Samsung Tabs with KoboCollect, downloaded from Google Play, and I have encountering issues with navigating through the app.

To create the issue, I open the app and see the home screen. Then, I click the three dots on the upper-right side of the window to enter the app preferences (e.g. server settings). After I click on any one of the menus options, I can make a selection (e.g. change between the basemap options and editing the server credentials) but I cannot save those preferences or return back to the home screen.

I am experiencing this same issue on five new Samsung tablets. Any help you can provide will be much appreciated.

Can you download ODK Collect from the playstore and indicate whether you have the same issue. Kindly also send us a screenshot of what you are seeing so that we look at it


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If you are used to the iOS devices, you may find that the Android devices navigate differently. You may find three hard buttons in the frame of the device at the bottom. The center button closes the app and returns to the icon menu, the right “arrow” button, will act as a back button. It is not actually a button but appears to be simply etched in the frame.

This may or may not be a solution. :slight_smile: I had this exact same issue and it still drives me nuts!

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The problem was indeed user error. I am a regular iOS user with previous experience using Androids that featured backlit, on-screen navigation (back) buttons. The devices I am using now (Samsung Tab A) do not have these prominent navigation buttons, but rather the buttons are dark gray, not backlit, and are located outside of the screen area. I hadn’t seen this configuration before and didn’t see the dark gray buttons on the black background. You were right on, Jblackman!


Thanks @avanal modifying the topic to enable users with the same issue resolve it

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