Need a Simple Example of Cascading Select Using "and" logic in choice_filter

I’m trying to follow the example Adding cascading question sets in XLSForm (Option 1) here: Adding Cascading Select Questions — KoboToolbox documentation

However it looks like the template link in step 1. is wrong AND the example that references “survey” table in step1. and “choices” in step 3 is also wrong, but in different ways. I would just like to address the simplest example, the template in step 1. The link is here:

When I download this template and upload it into Enketo without modifying it, question_3 is not functioning correctly (screenshot attached). The problem looks like cell D4 on the “survey” sheet is not properly recognizing the “and” function.

Am I mistaken? I have a much more complicated dataset, but I’d like to see a simple example work properly first.



@tylerocks, we have a lot of workaround on the cascading select that has already been discussed in the forum. Would you mind having a look at some of them? Maybe it would help you understand how it’s created.

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