Need a training on KoBoToolbox

hello every Body,
I want to do a training in KOBOTOOLBOX deployment and troubleshoot.
can you please help me. I want a training CENTER.

We have support articles that could help you learn a lot on how you get started with KoBoToolbox. You could access it here.

Apart from the support articles maybe @janna or @NoelCartONG could also help you out. Or, there may also be some community members who is willing to help you out for the same.

I want to know if it’s possible deployment KOBO in Openstack?
I tried it but it did work.

I deployed in VMWARE virtual machine but I have these errors Server Error (500). if I try to add et ew user in (https://XXXXXX/accounts/register/)

Maybe these support articles should help you:

If the error is being reported after the registration form is submitted, and the user is actually created in the database, quite possibly there is a problem with your email settings. They are located in kobo-deployments/envfiles/smtp.txt.

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No the users didn’t create in the database.