Need Assistance: Auto-selecting Response Options Based on pulled data Feedback in Kobo Forms

Dear community,

I’m facing an issue with two forms in Kobo – one for feedback and the other for responses. Each feedback entry corresponds to a response, and both forms contain multiple-choice options. I’ve successfully pulled feedback data into the response form using an instance formula.

However, I’m encountering a challenge in automatically selecting the appropriate response option based on the feedback. For instance, if the feedback is “need to repair latrine door,” I want the response form to display only the option “Door is repaired,” and prevent any other options from appearing to avoid selecting an incorrect response.

I appreciate any guidance or assistance in resolving this matter.

Welcome to the community, @tarek_859! Could you kindly share with the community a sample question with some dummy choices so that the community can understand your requirements and then be able to help you out?

My sincere apologies for the delayed response. I have attached both the feedback and response choice lists for your reference. In the response form, the options should dynamically align with the corresponding feedback entries. For instance, if the feedback indicates a need for Tubewell repair, I aim to automatically select only the “Tubewell repaired” option from the response form.

@tarek_859, maybe just share that relevant part of your XLSForm wit the community!