Need help with Eligibility Criteria (composite index)

I am creating a screening form (as seen below). I need all of the questions to be answered by the participant and interviewer and then at the end I would like kobo to tell me if the participant is eligible or not eligible for the program. For example:

  • If eligible based on the answer to the screening questions, participants are directed to a question that says something like ’Based on your responses, you are eligible to participate in this study. Are you interested in enrolling and scheduling a baseline interview?’
  • If not eligible, participants are directed to a question that thanks them for their responses, recommends the research assistant connect them with other services, etc.

The participants are not eligible for the program if any apply:

  1. Age: The participant is under 18
  2. Language: The person does not speak Spanish
  3. Gender: The person is not a female
  4. Kessler scale= There are 6 questions that measure emotional distress. Each response is associated with a value. Nunca = 0, Pocas veces =1, A veces = 2, Muchas veces = 3, Siempre= 4. If all the values for the 6 questions are added up and the value is equal or greater than 13 then the participant is excluded.
  5. Suicide: Has answered yes to the question on suicide
  6. Cognition: Has answered yes to cognitive difficulties question

I was only allowed to add one picture because I am a new user. I will try to add additional pictures of the complete screening tool. Thank you.

Pictures of Screening Tool:

Thank you so much!

This is the second half of the screening tool:

I was able to add the questions on kobo but I do not know how to program the screening tool (using kobo) to help to automate the eligibility process so it does not have to be done manually. I would really appreciate your help.

Welcome to the community, @muriel106! You could do it as discussed in our previous post: