Need my choose in automatically

please find picture below and let me know if you help. I need my choice in automatically

@sb179, could you elaborate on your issue (explain a bit more on what it indents to do and what you expect after it is selected) so that the community should also be able to see if it’s doable with KoboToolbox?

You can use the rate as choice name . So a ${…} - or selected(…) - reference will give you the rate (selected choice name).

Or you can use a calculation in the survey sheet with cascading if to define the rate for each fruit.

Another option might be to use pulldata on the choice_list with rate as additional column.

Hi @sb179,
You can visit this link. Hope it might answer your question:


ok, suppose i have 4-5 items of fruits in one column. and i need fruits rate (automatically) in other column.