Need to use conversion units

Hey, I am trying to create a question that gets the distance from home to the nearest public health facility on foot and its requesting that we (Record Distance in kms, if distance is given in miles, we refer to a conversion table I. E 0.5miles = 0.8km and 16.5 miles =26.4km.
Please help me out with this conversion since it is needed for distance to

  1. Health facility
  2. Private health facility
  3. Public primary school
  4. Private Primary school

@Just_me, maybe it’s more straightforward to use this conversation:

1 km = 0.621371 miles
1 mile= 1.60934 km

What would you say?

A good illustration of your suggestion will be highly appreciated.
The user should be able to submit either in km or miles and a conversion button should be able to convert from either km to miles or from miles to km
Thank you very much.

@Just_me, you could do it as outliend in the image shared below:

In the survey tab of your XLSForm:

In the choices tab of your XLSForm:


Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

Reference XLSForm:

Distance Conversion.xlsx (11.8 KB)

Thank you very much for the help.
Works perfect

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