Nested repeat error on Android "add null"

Hi all - I would like to use a nested repeat on my form. It works perfectly using the web browser (Chrome) but I get an error using KoboCollect on Android (Samsung S8, Android V9, Kernel V4.4.111-18920278). I’ve been trying to debug this for a few days now with no luck. Any help greatly appreciated!

I’ve created a minimal example xlsform that replicates the error here

A screenshot of the ‘error’ is here

Update: I’ve now tried this using the ODK Collect Android app and get the same error in case that helps.

Welcome to the community @rcwhytock! I observed a form design error in your xlsform:

Try using the begin_repeat and end_repeat. You could find more in our support article Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups. As a backup you could also have a look here.

Thanks @Kal_Lam for taking a look. Your screenshot only shows the form beginning from the ‘B’ name column, the ‘A’ column has the type fields and you will see I’ve used begin_repeat and end_repeat.

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I found the solution - I just needed to add a label to the “begin_repeat” type. The label replaces the ‘Null’ in the - Add ‘Null’ - message on the mobile phone version of the form, i.e. asking the user if they’d like to add another repeat.

This helped: link


Thank you for sharing your solution with the entire community! This should be very beneficial to users with similar issues in the upcoming days.