Nested repeat with indexed-repeat

Dear all,
I am having a problem asking multiple choice questions for individuals that come from a separate roster and that must satisfy a given condition.
I have a roster with household members and their age
Then, I want to ask in a separate section, whether individuals that satisfy the condition age>18 if they planted different types of crops (multiple choice question), and subsequently ask questions for each crop.

I am able to ask the crop question for those that are older than 18. But if there are household members younger than 18 that were listed before those that are older, these somehow enter the crop loop.
For example, if there are 2 hh members, the first one is younger than 18 (John) and the second one is older(Mary). If the second one plants 3 crops (Sorghum, Rice and Millet) the first loop is “wasted” on John and I only get to ask the crop questions for the first two crops. I cannot post more images since I am a new member.

Something changes when the repeat on crops starts and I cannot solve it such that the restriction on age also operates for this repeat.
Does someone know how to fix this?
Thank you

Welcome to the community, @jscorrea! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thanks for your reply. However this does not solve the issue since nothing guarantees that in my case, exactly the first individual is an adult. If in my case the first one is a minor and the second one is an adult, with your proposal the subsequent repeat would ask the questions destined for the adults to the minor since he is in position # 1. What I would ideally want is to go into the second loop knowing the position of the members that satisfy the condition. Something similar to what the selected-at function does but for a roster.