New columns added to the Kobo survey also get reflected in Excel/Power BI

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I’m using Kobo Toolbox for data collection and have successfully connected it to Excel and Power BI for visualization. However, when I update the survey on Kobo (add new entries, columns, etc.) and refresh the data in Excel/Power BI, the new columns don’t appear. The existing data gets updated, but not the new columns. How can I ensure that new columns added to the Kobo survey also get reflected in Excel/Power BI after refreshing the data connection? I’d appreciate any guidance on resolving this issue. Thank you!

Abessolo Ateba Abhas

Hi @Abessolo and welcome to the community.

I have had this experience before and it seems like you will need to update endpoint URL which carries your data.

Taking from this article - Connecting to your data using synchronous exports — KoboToolbox documentation

  1. Create another export of the data and make sure the new fields are included in that export - This creates another endpoint URL.

  2. Check the endpoint URLs - You should be able to see two URLs now and take a look closely on the versions of these URLs. In my case screenshot below, notice that the first one has all the fields while the second one only has a few fields exported.

Use the URL version that caters for the new fields and you’re good to go. You can just *Update the connecting settings in PowerBi.

Hope this helps.

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