New data column missing when linking Kobo to Power BI

Hi team wondering if anyone can help me here. I recent updated a form with a new question and since then have tried to link Kobo to PowerBI to create summaries. All my columns and data are showing apart from the new question I added last week. Any ideas why this would be? The form is redeployed and we have 100-120 submissions with data in this column. I can see the new column ad data is there when I download the form’s data in xls but can’t see it anywhere in Power BI. Am I forgetting to turn something on?

@lucybattaglene, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thanks @Kal_Lam so to confirm there in’t anything I need to do from the Kobo side of things in terms of the settings on the new question within the form? It is a linking error from Power BI I need to troubleshoot?

@lucybattaglene, maybe you will have to troubleshoot from the Power Bi side for this.

Thanks @Kal_Lam so if I can see my data column in the exported xls tables then there is no reason from my side to think Kobo isn’t functioning correctly and storing the submissions?

@lucybattaglene, OK in this case would you mind dong the following to see how this behaves:

  • Create a dummy survey with say 4 variables.
  • Deploy this survey and start collecting data.
  • Submit the data collected to the server.
  • Now connect your data from KoBoToolbox to Excel Power Query or Power Bi. You should see 4 variables that were added to the system.
  • Now update your survey and add 1 more variable.
  • Redeploy and start collecting data for the updated survey project.
  • Submit the data collected to the server. In the server you should see all 5 variables.
  • Now refresh your Excel Power Query or Power Bi. Are you able to see the updated variable here?

@Kal_Lam ok I can try now but the thing is I did not try to link to Power BI until AFTER I had made that additional question/column and new information.

But when we linked today the only column that isnt showing is my most recent one so that’s why I thought maybe I did something wrong with the new question. Does that make sense?

Will let you know how this test goes.

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All worked from the suggestions above! Thank you!

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