New errors on old forms - related to translations

We have just started encountering some weird issues on some of our old forms we’ve been using for months without issue until now… just have noticed this on two different forms recently:
So this is how the form originally loads… correctly

When we change the language to khmer - the groups are collapsed and cannot be expanded - and there are no places to enter the data - as in the following picture

When i change it BACK to English, on the phone (we just use the webform - not the app) the error is still there. The form can be reloaded and the error is gone.
While using the computer webform - when i switch back to English - it goes back as it should be.
BUT on another form we are using for our project activities - we have the same issue when switching between English and Khmer - but on the computer (where most of the data entry is happening). Groups are collapsed, and cannot be reopened to enter data. And when I switch back to English - the error is still there.
It is very strange. And for both these forms, we’ve been using for months without issue - and i have made no changes (or no significant change… i think in one case just added a name to a select box).
Thanks for any help!

I seem to have worked out that the questions that go missing after a language change are just the ones that have integer or decimal answer fields. And it isn’t just groups collapsing - it is any questions which are numeric at all seem to disappear! and it is only once i switch languages - and usually the questions don’t come back when i return to English.
More weird!
I hope there is some help!

I’ve send a direct message to you with my username/project name/server details in case you can look this up! Thanks!!

Thank you for reporting this, @tabas. I will investigate and get back to you soon.

We are experiencing this exact same problem in (at least) two of our forms. And yes, the field that disappears in at least one of the forms, is a numeric field. The language switch is from English to Hindi. Again, forms that have been in use for weeks since they were last modified. Work fine in English…numeric field disappears on switch to Hindi…does not re-appear on switch back to English…re-appears when form is refreshed or re-opened (in English)

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Sorry you have the same problem - but good to hear it isn’t a problem on my end only and i’m not imagining it! Thanks @kal_lam for your help in solving the issue!

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Thanks @Kal_Lam. And, thanks @tabas, for reporting this problem

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@aaj, @tabas, please be informed that the issue has been resolved! Thank you for bringing this to the community!

thanks @Kal_Lam

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@kal_lam thanks!

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