New line in 'note' question

Dear reader,

In a note question, I have written in the XLS form:


The next questions will focus on rank 1:
(if present) for the first, second and third level structures respectively.

After these questions follow the questions for rank 2 and 3 respectively, in which for each of the rank questions will be asked about the first, second and third level structure.

When I take a look in Enketo, I see the following:


You see a space appearing, between ${structure1stlvlType1_label} and ‘(if present)’, while in the XLS form I did enter a space in between? How can I prevent a space from occurring?

I hope you can help me solve this problem.

@Webex it seems there is a new line in here? Before (if present) part:

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My apologies for the confusion. I meant the space appearing before the “(if present)”. I have adapted the question. Thanks for the feedback!